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Spindle Identification

The spindle nameplate identifies your spindle;  the serial number, model number, rated speed, motor and operating specifications. If you need service or have questions about your spindle call PDS at 704-922-1206 ext.103. Please have the serial and model number

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Spindle RPM and Feed Rate Calculations | Chip Load Formula

To optimize chip removal the rotating speed to the cutting tool and the linear axis speed that the tool moves must be balanced to maximize metal removal, machine performance, and cutting tool performance. The following informatio

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Cutter Entry Angle (Plunge Angle)

The approach angle that the cutting tool feeds to depth is referred to as Cutter Entry Angle. This angle creates radial and axial stress on the machine spindle and the cutting tool during the material removal process. The following information provides b

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Spindle Cooling Methods 

Electric spindles are cooled by three primary methods; Fan, Compressed Air and Chilled Liquid. The more efficient methods allow for higher power ratings, longer duty cycles, smaller packages, and more severe applications. The type of spindle cooling is selec

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Tooling Parameters 

The following information provides background information for various tool holders. We strongly encourage you to consult PDS on new spindle applications to assist in establishing your baseline values.

Tooling Dimensions and Dynamic Limits

The foll

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Tool Clamping Types 

There are two basic styles of spindles; manual tool change and automatic tool change. The type used depends on the application and size of cutting tools for the application.

Manual Tool Change

Electric Spindles with manual tool change clamp the tool

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Robotic Applications 

Electric spindles are used in a broad range of robotic applications. Their compact size, high torque and

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Spindle Maintenance & Service

Electric Spindle Service & Maintenance

A schedule of preventive maintenance will help keep your spindle operating at peak performance.


Keep the spindle housing, fans and ductwork clean to allow free movement of cool

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