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Automatic Tool Change

Automatic Tool Change (ATC) spindle designs are available from 0.4 to 40 hp with speeds up to 40,000 rpm. These spindles are high-performance designs, very suitable for applications on machines working wood, plastic, aluminium, light alloy, steel, glass and marble. ATC spindle designs can be integrated to automated tool change systems to provide faster tool changes and increased productivity. ATC spindles feature a taper tool interface and use "preset" cutting tools secured by a powered drawbar clamping the tool holder in the spindle taper. Tool changes may be automated through machine programming or hand-loaded using a manual push button.

PDS ATC spindles feature the DynaLOC™ patent pending pneumatic mechanical clamping system. This system can be configured for a variety of tool tapers and sizes. DynaLOC™ clamping is only available in HSK series tool interface.

DynaLOC™ Series

DynaLOC™ spindles are the perfect solution for a broad range of machine tool and robotic applications. They feature a compact and lightweight electric motor design, offered in speeds up to 30,000 rpm, power up to 30 hp, and provide automatic tool change capability. DynaLOC™ spindles are low maintenance, deliver high reliability, and are value priced.

  • Speeds up to 30,000 rpm, power up to 30 hp
  • Compact and light weight design for machine tools and robotic applications
  • Automatic tool change capability
  • HSK tool interface
  • DynaLOC™ spindles feature a patent pending integrated tool clamping system
  • Quick disconnect power and sensor connections
  • Choice of motor cooling: fan, compressed air, and liquid
  • Rotary encoder feedback, optional
  • Motor temperature monitoring feedback, optional
  • No drawbar, spring pack, or hollow through-shaft for increased durability
  • High spindle balance for low noise and long service life

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XLerator™ Series

XLerator™ spindles are offered in a variety of horsepowers, frame sizes and cooling methods. These spindles provide automatic tool change capability and include features such as: extended spindle nose design, push button release for manual tool change, optional encoder and thermocouple, and easy external sensor setting. XLerator™ spindles are available with speeds up to 40,000 rpm and with power up to 56 hp.

XLerator™ spindles are a good fit for a broad range of machining applications; such as wood, plastics, and non ferrous material removal. XLerator™ is one of our most popular drop-in replacement spindles and available with a variety of optional spindle mounts and wire harnesses.

  • Speeds up to 40,000 rpm, power up to 56 hp
  • Automatic tool change capability
  • Models offering ISO and HSK tool interface and manual push button tool release
  • Quick disconnect power and sensor connections
  • Rotary encoder feedback, optional
  • Choice of motor cooling: fan, compressed air, and liquid
  • Motor temperature monitoring feedback, optional
  • Also available in belt-driven models (XLB Series) 

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XLerator™ XLB Series

XLerator™ belt-driven spindles (XLB) are mechanical spindles and are a perfect fit for a broad range of application; such as, woodworking, plastic, and light alloy machining applications. The XLB has a maximum speed of 7,500 rpm, has an offset spindle nose for lower centerline height, and many different pulley arrangements for a broad range of speed ranges. The XLB series is a low-speed high‐torque block spindle commonly used for shaping, sanding, profiling, grinding and polishing and feature natural air-cooling.

Available in HSK63F tool interface, the XLB Series is equipped with a cartridge-type pneumatic tool clamping mechanism and suitable for automatic tool change applications. The XLB is a popular drop-in replacement spindle and is equipped with mounting holes for left or right mount.

  • Speeds up to 7,500 rpm
  • Permanent lubricated precision dual angular contact bearings
  • Air Pressure Seal of Front and Rear Bearings
  • HSK63F tool clamping
  • Cartridge-style tool clamp system services from the front of the spindle
  • Equipped with 4 clamp/unclamp safety sensors with cam adjustment
  • Plug-in style power and signal connections
  • Features natural air cooling
  • Provides mounting holes for either left or right mounting
  • Choice of motor horsepower and drive to meet application needs
  • Offset spindle nose for lower centerline height

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Giordano Colombo

Not only do we make our own spindles at PDS, we are an authorized reseller of the full line of Giordano Colombo spindles. If you are in the market for a new GC spindle or just a replacement of something you already have, we are the company to call. With almost 1 million dollars in New GC inventory, we might even have the spindle you are looking for, or a suitable replacement. Give us a call and see if we can help you.

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XLerator™ HS and HA

The new XLerator HS and HA high-performance high-speed spindles. The XLerator HS and HA spindles are our most popular ‘off-the-shelf’ line of cost effective, quick-delivery automatic tool change spindles. Mass produced for lowest cost and competitive value, the XLerator is the perfect spindle for many router and through-feed machines working in wood, plastics, and aluminum applications. The XLerator offers many standard features and highest performance value.

  • Speed ranges from 6,000 - 24,000 rpm
  • Power ranging 5.3 - 24.1 hp S1 rated (4.0 - 18.0 kW)
  • Choice of ISO 30, HSK-F63, or HSK-E63 tool clamping
  • Automatic tool change capability
  • Push button for manual tool release
  • Choice of electric fan (S) and liquid (A) motor cooling
  • Spindle nose coolant air purge sealing
  • Motor temperature monitoring, option
  • Removable C-axis, option


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