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Custom Spindles


PDS is an industry leader in precision high-speed spindle designs offering hundreds of standard models in electric and belt-driven configurations. World-class engineering and group technology focused design is key to PDS success. This strategy allows PDS to engineer a custom spindle to your precise application and needs, at a competitive price, and with quick delivery.

For details contact the PDS Application Group.

Performance Upgrades

PDS is an industry leader in precision high-speed spindle designs. Should you spindle become the bottleneck to attaining higher productivity, talk to our spindle application experts about retrofitting your spindle with a Performance Upgrade.

PDS utilizes latest technology and innovative design. Many times older spindles are limited by dated technology and do not have the performance of new spindle designs. A Performance Upgrade from PDS can add new life allowing your spindle to run faster cycle times, deliver higher performance and efficiency, and provide longer life.

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