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PDS – XLA/C 70 – Rebuilt

Rebuilt XLA/C 70-3HP HSK-E 25, GERBER SPEC Electric Spindle 230V, 6.8A, 24,000/40,000 RPM, 400/667 Hz, 2-Pole, 22/30brg


Wire Harness configured per Gerber Drwg. P73473D Rev C
Cooling by compressed Air or Liquid
Liquid 0.6 gpm @ 30psi
Air 4 Bar (60psi) at 2.1 scfm
Harting quick disconnect Air and Electrical connections
Air pressurization seal of front bearings
Quiet operation: Max 72 dBA at top speed
Cone clean feature
Automatic tool change controlled by pneumatic actuator
Tool clamping by HSK 25E
Weight approximately 22 lb
Dual angular contact ceramic super precision bearings front and rear
Copper rotor

Warranty: 6 months from purchase date
*Price: $8,695.00
*All prices are NET – no discounting on rebuilt spindles

Item #880-070-C008


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