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Giordano Colombo RA 150

Power range: 7.4-30 Kw/10-40 Hp

For use in woodworking, plastic, and light alloy machines, steel, stone and marble machines, the RA 150 series automatic tool-change spindles are designed to be liquid- cooled via a dedicated heat exchanger. The solution provides the most efficient means of cooling for high duty-cycle applications.

Available in both ISO and HSK clamping systems, the tool holders are retained by special springs and are released by a pneumatic actuator. Proximity sensors are incorporated to ensure maximum safety and control of the tool change.


  • Power range: 7.4-30 Kw/10-40 Hp
  • RPM Range: 3,000 – 15,000
  • Weight: 72Kg/159lbs
  • Tool Holder: ISO 40/HSK 63/HSK 80
  • Cooling: Liquid

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