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TQM300 TLP Series Tilt Head

47hp / 35Kw (S6) 40hp / 30Kw (S1)  Bi Rotary Tilt Head – TQM 300 Series.

Complete with Servo Motors, Harmonic Drives, and Electric Spindle.

Suitable for woodworking, light alloys, non-ferrous metals and composites. This 2-axis unit allows complex machining with superior stiffness and compact envelope due to the 90-degree A axis yolk design.


  • QM.600.L01.00 (link to spindle?) Also available in HSK85S Configuration
  • QM-2 30/6 13 85S NC, 5AX, HSK80F, 47hp / 35Kw (S6) 40hp / 30Kw (S1)  380V, 6,000/13,000 rpm, 200/433 Hz, 4 pole.


  • Compact 90-degree A axis yoke design
  • Tool changes can be conducted regardless of spindle orientation
  • Weight 200Kg (440 lbs.) approx.
  • C axis rotation  +/- 320 degrees
  • A axis rotation +/- 100 degrees
  • Max. positioning speed A & C – 600 deg/min.
  • C axis brake – standard
  • A & C axis continuous torque 550 Nm, peak torque 1420 Nm
  • Yaskawa axis servos standard

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