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Spindle Repair & Router Rebuild Process

The PDS router rebuild process begins after we receive your spindle and we perform our spindle inspection and evaluation. Once the inspection is completed PDS will prepare a Repair Quote and review it with you and ask for your ‘approval to proceed’. The steps of our repair process are:

Check in

The moment your spindle is received by PDS we will notify you. We will inspect the shipping container for damage, if damage is found it will be reported to you. Once your spindle is unpacked the spindle is photographed and any physical exterior damage documented. Any unusual damage will be reported.


The exterior of the spindle will be cleaned and the overall condition of the spindle documented. The spindle will be carefully disassembled looking for evidence of why the spindle failed.

Evaluation and Customer Quote

Once all the documents are reviewed PDS a detailed Customer Repair Quote is prepared. The quote will include our failure analysis of what we believe caused the failure and the repairs are needed to return the spindle factory specifications. It will also include our estimate of the time and cost to make the repairs.

PDS will send you a copy of the Customer Repair Quote and review it with you. At this point we need your ‘approval to proceed.’ Once the repair has your approval the spindle repair begins. After reviewing our repair quote should you decide not to have your spindle repaired we will box up all the parts and return it to you. Shipping cost to return the spindle will be at your expense.


All parts are thoroughly cleaned and all defective parts are replaced to return your spindle to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The balance of the thru shaft is inspected and rebalanced. If new parts are not available, perhaps obsolete or no longer made, PDS has the capability to remanufacture key component parts. This information will be documented in the Repair Quote for your spindle for consideration.


The spindle is reassembled to OEM specification in a clean-room environment. If required, fitting spacers will be reground. Bearings and seals replaced. Rotating assemblies are measured for run-out and balance. If the spindle has a tool retention system, collet or power-drawbar, it will be inspected and tested for correct operation, tool retention, run-out and balance.


All spindle repairs go through a run-in procedure using a sign-off checklist for each step of the process. The results of each step are documented. A break-in ramp-up cycle is used to ensure proper operation. Spindle temperatures are measured to ensure proper fits and to ensure the spindle operates to OEM specifications. The checklist is reviewed and each step and result of the run-off procedure is approved by the quality inspector, and signed-off, before the repair is complete.

Check Out

The spindle is moved to the staging shipping area. All spindle documentation and any parts or tooling provided by the customer are collected for return to the customer. If the exterior of the spindle was painted, it will be repainted to a close match to the color received.

The last step of the process is final sign-off by quality inspector. A copy of sign-off checklist, specifications, and warranty card will be shipped back to the customer. The spindle is protected and packed for return shipment to the customer.


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