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PDS Stores and Maintains Your Spare Spindles

PDS can provide secure storage for your spare spindles. This maintenance service can extend the life of your spindle and lower your maintenance costs. To be servicable when you need them, spindles need a controlled environment for storage and must have periodic maintenance performed to maintain the bearing and spindle health.

When your spindle goes down it only takes is a phone call to the PDS Service Department to expedite an overnight delivery of your spindle. No worries, no hassel, and no surprises. This next-day efficiency can get your machine running fast. Spindle storage at PDS also lets you share spindles with multiple locations helping to reduce spindle inventory and costs.

Implementing a plan to use PDS spindle storage ensures your spindles will be maintained and ready when needed. The system can increase efficiency by using the shipping container to return your spindle to PDS for repair. It will expedite the repair process and minimize delay to ensure your spindle is ready to go and back on the shelf for the next time you need it.