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Spindle Accessories


Count on PDS for all your spindle needs. PDS can provide and optimize your complete spindle package by pre-programming your VFD, provide cable harness assemblies, and a wide range of tooling for your application. PDS offers options.

PDS is proud to offer the Yaskawa brand of Variable Frequency Drives.


Aggregates are used to increase machine and spindle versatility by allowing the user to process at angles outside of zero degrees. As exclusive distributor of HITECO in the US, PDS can offer you a variety of different aggregates configurations. These aggregates are commonly supplied with HSK-F63 or ISO 30 standards. These high-quality aggregates can be utilized in a myriad of machining applications via different C-Axis connections.

Aggregate Units:

  • Twin
  • Twin-pro
  • Tilt
  • Four
  • Copy
  • Notching
  • D-Side
  • One
  • One Blade
  • Multiblade


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Variable Frequency Drives

PDS is pleased to offer the Yaskawa family of variable frequency drives (VFD). Yaskawa is a world-class manufacturer of VFD microdrives delivering high performance, quality, and functionality.

Click here for the Yaskawa V1000 VDF Specifications 


PDS Spindle Drive Packages

PDS will optimize your VFD to your exact spindle package for fast and efficient plug-and-play start-up. Purchasing a spindle package ensures quick startup. When your spindle package arrives it is ready to install with everything you will need to power up in the shortest possible time. The spindle drive is preset and run-off at PDS with the wiring harness you use on your machine. This saves valuable floor time to power up your machine.

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Boring/Drilling Units

PDS offers Boring and Drilling Units for multi-center machining in parallel, perpendicular, and right-angle applications. Boring/Drilling Units are custom spindle designs and have a manual tool change design. The main drive for these heads is belt-driven providing smooth and quiet operation.

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Tool Holders and Accessories

PDS offers a complete line of top quality tool holders and spindle accessories. We can develop complete spindle packages for faster plug-and-play start-up; including spindles, drives, wiring harnesses, and custom tooling packages custom designed for your application. When your spindle package arrives it will be ready for installation, and closer to machine power-on in the shortest possible time and with minimum delay.

Tooling packages can include: cutting tools, tool holders. tool change grippers, wrenches, and more. For all your Tooling Accessories count on PDS for fast and professional service.

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5 Axis Contouring Heads

PDS offers three models of 5-Axis Bi-Rotating Heads to meet broad range of contouring machining needs. These heads are available with spindle speeds up to 24,000 rpm and available in 13.5 hp, 16 hp, and 23 hp sizes and are designed to convert 3 axis machines to provide 5-axis contour profiling capability. They feature a 50 degree A-axis tilt design that provides a compact swing radius that allows the head to be positioned in tighter quarters, deliver higher resolution profile machining, with increased stiffness while providing an increased machining range.

All three of these heads provide full 5-axis simultaneous motion contour machining capability for position and feed control for off-angle radial feed (drilling) and off-angle straight line linear feed (milling). As option, all PDS 5-Axis heads can be equipped for 360° continuous rotation.

PDS 5-axis Bi-Rotating heads are a perfect fit for woodworking, light alloys, and composite / fiberglass part manufactures. By applying 5-axis machining to your manufacturing process you increase machining capability and open up part manufacturing opportunities as a 'high-value part supplier'. 


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