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Spindle Identification

The spindle nameplate identifies your spindle;  the serial number, model number, rated speed, motor and operating specifications. If you need service or have questions about your spindle call PDS at 704-922-1206 ext.103. Please have the serial and model number available to identify your spindle. 

  1. V(1) - Spindle Voltage
  2. V(2) - Second Spindle Voltage (only for Dual Voltage Spindle)
  3. Maximum Voltage Frequency (Start of Constant HP Range)
  4. Maximum Frequency
  5. RPM (1) - Beginning of Constant Power Range (corresponds with #3)
  6. Maximum RPM - Maximum speed of the spindle
  7. KiloWatt rating at S1 Duty Cycle
  8. Horsepower rating at S1 Duty Cycle
  9. Rated Current at the given voltage
  10. Serial Number - typically in 2 locations
  11. Spindle Model Number (See example)


The example below shows details of the spindle model number structure. In some cases, the nameplate will show only a portion of the full part number and configuration. It is important to know configuration details to help identify your spindle and tool interface when you contact PDS.